Dr. Sabry and his staff are very professional. Excellent bedside manners .I would highly recommend.

I have been coming to Dr. Sabry for a decade now. I cannot tell you how many compliments I continuously get on the condition of my skin and overall look. Dr. Sabry is up to date on all the latest regimens and administers them with a kind hand. I see him two to three times a year and would never consider going to anyone else. Thanks Dr. Sabry. I would also like to mention the overall experience in Dr. Sabry’s office is completely professional, starting from the front door as I am greeted by Fatima. Thank you.

Dr. Sabry is professional, knowledgeable and very kind to his patients. I was under his care for a procedure 5 years later my results are still flawless!!!

Dr. Sabry was not only a great surgeon to me but a great support system. Dr. Sabry is very endearing and relates well with his patients. His office staff, especially Fatima, was a joy to work with. Thank You

Thank you Dr. Sabry for the wonderful appointment this morning. You made me feel very comfortable and very much at ease. Not to mention the beautiful results you achieved for me. Extremely happy!

Dr. Sabry is not only very professional with his patients but also very detailed when it comes to his work. I am very happy with my results. I always recommend to my friends and family to see him. When it comes to my beauty with natural results, Dr. Sabry was and will always be my favorite Doctor.

Incredible surgeon. Skilled hands. Extremely professional. He is dedicated and has passion for his work.

I went to Dr. Sabry for a consultation for areas of my concern. He let me know what to expect and was extremely detailed. He also went over all of my options. I was very pleased and learned quite a bit.

Dr. Sabry is an amazing DR. He truly has magic hands with stitching. My scar is barely visible. His staff is amazing as well.

Dr. Sabry and staff were very courteous and professional. His bedside manners were excellent. I would highly recommend.

Dr. Sabry is an outstanding surgeon who provides outstanding services with an outstanding staff. Dr. Sabry has outstanding bedside manners, and I would highly recommend.

Dr. Sabry is a professional in every sense of the word. In a very short time I consider him a friend. I have a number of doctors but he is by far the best. He has excellent bedside manner. I would strongly recommend him.

Dr. Sabry was very relaxing, made me feel very comfortable. All my concerns and questions were answered in a very professional manner. Dr. Sabry’s bedside manner exceed tremendously. I would highly recommend him.

Dr Sabry did Dysport injections on my face a few weeks ago and I cannot say how impressed I am. He is a plastic surgeon – he understands, like no little skincare place, exactly what needs to be done and how to inject just the right amount to make me look beautiful. I love Dr Sabry!! I highly recommend him; you can trust your face or your body to him. Brooklyn wake up you have a master in your backyard.

Super happy w my first Botox!! – For the past few yrs, I have been thinking about getting Botox on my forehead. I put in hours of research and when i was finally ready, I came to Dr. Sabry. After our first consultation, I knew he was the one to do the job for me! The procedure was quick and painless and I am THRILLED with the results!! I highly recommend Dr Sabry. He is professional, personable, makes you feel comfortable, and he is amazing at what he does. You will definitely be in great hands with Dr. Sabry!

I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Sabry as his medical sales rep. I have seen his amazing results first hand and would highly recommend him to my close family and friends. He is not only one of the best plastic surgeons in NY; he is extremely professional, knowledgeable, kind hearted, and a 5 star surgeon.

I went in for a complimentary Hydrafacial performed by Rhianna. From the moment I walked in until I left, everything was perfect. Friendly, professional competent staff, and no hard sell to buy products or book appointments. My skin felt amazing when I was done! I highly recommend.

I received 300cc Saline Implants 8 years ago and they look and feel as if I got them yesterday. I experienced no discomfort when I got them and Dr. Sabry was extremely skilled since there is no visible scar, and since it is under the muscle, it doesn’t feel like you’re touching a bag. They drop a little so they seem natural and I would do it all over again if I had to. I also frequently visit Dr. Sabry’s office for Botox injections. Crow’s feet disappear. This man has hands of Gold. I would and do recommend him to everyone I know!

Dr. Sabry and staff were very courteous and professional. His bedside manners were excellent. I would highly recommend.

Dr. Sabry is a professional in every sense of the word. In a very short time I consider him a friend. I have a number of doctors but he is by far the best. He has excellent bedside manners. I would strongly recommend him.

I was very impressed with his knowledge, beside-office manner and follow up care. As a RN that spent years working in a hospital setting on a plastic surgery unit I’m aware of fair and GREAT. Dr. Sabry was and will be in the best of the best list for years to come.

It was my first visit to Dr. Sabry’s office and I was impressed by the professionalism of Dr. Sabry and his office staff. I felt very well taken care of. Dr. Sabry explained the procedure and made me feel comfortable throughout the treatment. He also gave me recommendations of what else I might want to look into without being pushy or trying to sell me any further procedures. I like his “less is more” approach and am very happy with the outcome. The follow-up phone call from his office staff the next day checking in to see if everything was alright was a very nice touch.

Dr. Sabry is kind, gentle and gave a comprehensive examination. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Being an Italian woman is never an easy job…especially if you were unfortunate enough to be born with the nose i was. i did a lot of research, went from consultation to consultation and finally! i found Dr. Sabry. If you want a beautiful, natural, facelift (which my seventy-five year old mother had done by Dr. Sabry and she does not look a day over forty because of) or rhinoplasty, then go to Dr. Sabry. He is meticulously oriented to detail, and spends a lot of time with all of his patients. He quickly puts you at ease and definitely has hands of gold! He is down to earth, kind, and respectful of everyone. He will customize your surgery for you and your face, not suggest tons of things and leave you feeling badly when you leave. He is honest and a pleasure to deal with. Fatima and the rest of the staff are the best too! Super kind and comforting! if you opt for any type of cosmetic surgery please look no further!

About two years ago I was working in research at one of the local hospitals. I was using dry ice and other chemicals. My glove adhered to the dry ice and it melted away the glove leaving my index and middle fingers stuck to the dry ice. The chemical burn was so astronomical; I needed to have a skin graft. Dr. Sabry did this for me. He was brilliant. You cannot even tell my fingers were badly damaged. The skin graft took to my finger after the first surgery. It was not painful and I have full mobility and use of my fingers again. Thank you Dr. Sabry! You truly are an amazing surgeon!

I’ve been going to Dr. Sabry’s office for cool sculpting, and I have to say I’m just so incredibly pleased with my experience thus far. I did a lot of research prior to seeing Dr. Sabry & his staff, but I think the thing that sold me was talking to people who’ve had work done there, seeing the results first hand — truly remarkable! We’re so lucky to have him here in Manhattan! Do your homework and you too will end up at Dr. Sabry’s office or least you should!

I would highly recommend Dr. Sabry for any plastic surgery that is needed. He explained everything that was to be expected clearly and I understood 100%. I was very pleased with my results and the time and care he took of me. I went into my surgery with the at most confidence that I was I the best care. I have nothing but the at most respect for him and his staff. Thank you Dr. Sabry

Excellent surgeon. Took time to explain. Easy scheduling. Wonderful office staff.

Absolutely the most amazing doctor in the world. More important he is an amazing man and becomes a friend.

I visited Dr. Sabry for Juvederm lip enhancement. I am over the moon with the results. Dr. Sabry studied my lips and explained what should be done and why to receive the most natural looking results, which is what I desired. He was patient and made sure I was comfortable every step of the procedure which was relatively painless – and I am a total baby when it comes to needles. My Life-Partner is over the moon with my results as well! I HIGHLY recommend this practice and Dr. Sabry for any of my friends and future enhancement needs!!!!

I first met Dr. Sabry about 12 yrs ago. He was kind, genuine, and honest. I felt comfortable right away. Every procedure was done with his meticulous hands and brilliant mind. His staff is equally as wonderful as him. I trust him with my whole being. I would refer anyone to him and I know that they will have the same feeling as myself. I am honored to refer to Dr. Sabry as my doctor, but more importantly my friend.

Dr. Sabry is an incredible plastic surgeon. He restored my confidence. I could not recommend him enough. I would never go anywhere else. My breast augmentation looks amazing. My nose looks refined. He is an artist. If you want to do it right the first time go to Dr. Sabry. He is sweet, makes you feel comforted, and his staff is more than helpful in every way, shape, and form.

I went to Dr. Sabry’s medi spa because I heard so much about the new Hydrafacial Tower. My skin was always on the nice side but after so much sun exposure in the last 3-4 years, it got severely damaged with sun spots and wrinkles. I read some great stuff about the Hydrafacial machine and how it can really revitalize the skin so I set an appt. The aesthetician was amazing and you can tell that she REALLY knows what she is doing. After my visit to Dr.Sabry’s office, my skin is fully revitalized and I feel that I have my old skin back. I loved it so much that I’m going to buy a gift card for my sisters. Must check it out!