Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision (secondary) rhinoplasty is a very specialized area in the field of Plastic Surgery that requires advanced skills and experience. Dr. Sabry has a specialized knowledge of the underlying complications in a poorly executed nose job and the expertise to correct it. His extensive background in craniofacial surgery dealing with the most complex congenital deformities of the head and neck region enables him to perform any revision surgeries of the face and nose better than most.

Revision rhinoplasty may require a nose to be reduced in size, or reshaped at the tip or along the bridge. Other common problems requiring additional adjustment are tips that drop, nostrils which are too wide, over correction or under correction.

Since the problems are different for each patient, revision rhinoplasty surgery needs to be customized to each individual’s unique experience and potential. The maneuvers necessary may be as simple as removing some more cartilage or bone, or reshaping the cartilage of the nose. Dr. Sabry prefers to use your body’s natural cartilage to restructure a nose that has had too much cartilage removed or requires additional support.

A majority of revision rhinoplasty procedures are performed using the open rhinoplasty technique. However, there are some that Dr. Sabry will do using the closed technique. The decision will be made based on the patient’s anatomy and the specific problems to be corrected. He is an expert at striking a perfect balance to the face, and strengthening the weakened underlying structure of the nose to improve appearance and functionality.