Male Rhinoplasty

man2Male Rhinoplasty (Nose reshaping)
The surgical techniques employed for male rhinoplasty are essentially the same as those for women. However, most men will want an outcome that is ‘more masculine’ from their procedures. In your consultation you and Dr. Sabry will discuss your goals; A more masculine look? Correction of a bump or bulbous tip? Correction of a functional problem or ‘ethnic’ feature? Dr. Sabry has expertise in all methods of rhinoplasty (open and closed) from very straightforward corrections to the complexities of correcting prior rhinoplasty (revision or secondary rhinoplasty).

man2bwMale Non Surgical Rhinoplasty
Very often the ‘ideal nose’ can be achieved with temporary dermal fillers. Non surgical rhinoplasty can give excellent results immediately. Small irregularities or asymmetry in shape or contour of the nose can be improved with judicious placement of fillers. The procedure is fast, painless and requires no downtime or recovery. During your consultation Dr. Sabry will let you know if you are a candidate for a non surgical option.