Male Face Lift

Hairline, beard growth, neck hair and sideburn fullness are all factors to be considered when planning a facelift for men. Men who are balding or have thinning hair will require very careful placement of incisions in order to hide scarring. Similar artistic talent is required for men with very thick, heavy beards and neck hair so that the final outcome does not pull hair growth into areas of the neck that will require shaving in the future. also see facelift

Male Brow Lift
A browlift for a man differs from a browlift for a woman. It is generally more horizontal in orientation. Browlifts can be more complicated in men if there is a receding hairline or baldness. Dr. Sabry may suggest an endoscopic procedure with or without incisions, or trans-blepharoplasty approach. The procedure Dr. Sabry recommends will depend on your hairline and the depth of your horizontal forehead wrinkles. also see browlift

Male Eyelid Surgery
A man’s eyelids are naturally “heavier” than a woman’s, Dr. Sabry is careful to place incisions so that the eyelid retains a masculine appearance. He will remove only the skin & fat necessary to achieve a balanced and natural looking improvement with virtually no scarring. also see blepharoplasty

Male Neck Lift
A strong masculine lower face is the goal of a neck lift for men. In your consultation Dr. Sabry will evaluate your entire head, neck and face to assess signs of aging such as loose skin, excess fatty deposits and deep muscle cording. He will determine if you are a candidate for surgery or for a less invasive procedure which would still allow you to meet your appearance goals, such as liposuction. A neck lift can help tighten lax skin, remove excess fat, and create a sharper, more masculine jaw line. A neck lift may be done in isolation, but is often combined with a facelift for maximum results. also see necklift